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December 30, 2012
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SM - App by cakiiee SM - App by cakiiee
for super kawaii :iconstrawberry-maidens::iconsosugoiplz:

warum stand da yo D:

bluh schon wieder ne app :iconmingplz:
und ich bin voll schlecht in name aussuchen undso
und im zeichnen //slapped
und eine kleine dreizehnjährige die voll scheiße is genau wie ich pff :iconming3plz:

ya ehh..


> Name: Maru Sakai
> Age: thirteen
> Year: 1st Year
> Class: Moon Class
> Birth date: May 3rd
> Height: 162cm

•Additional Info:
> likes Cherries pff
> likes Cake (every kind of cake)
> interested in astronomy
> her fav. colours are yellow, orange and pink
> a bit afraid of the dark (pff)
> believes in ghosts (but she's not afraid of ghosts ff )

> shy
> deep inside she's a fangirl.
> bad at making friends
> she cant pass her own remark
> superficial
> she actually likes society but she rather avoids society cause she's afraid that others may not like her
> pet-loving

She grew up in a strict family. They actually avoid society ..They just met their closest friends and their family.
They didnt go out either. She was in this house day in, day out. She had to be good, she had to be submissive.
She didnt talk alot cause she had to be good as gold. And friends? Well, she hadnt much friends.
Her only friend was the moon //cough cough forever alone //slapped.
Every night she sneaked to their balcony to see the stars and the moon.
One day she asked her father to get a book about astronomy. He said yes.
'Till that day she was very intrested in astronomy. Month later her dear grandmother died.
She was very very sad about that. "Life goes on" she thought. "She's a ghost now!"
On that day she knew ghosts are real, and she knew that her grandmother will be her guardian.
She was still very lonely and her parents noticed that.
One day her parents sent her to Astrea Hill cause they thought she's good enough and in the hope that she's making new friends there.
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wendymaberu Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love to RP with you again sometime on Skype~ Though it seems we have very different time zones and are rarely on at the same time T^T
I'd love to rp too ;;
I mean I'm sometimes online I just have a lot of work to do ;; holidays are in a few weeks, lets see if I can manage to rp with you <:
wendymaberu Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah~ I see, I have lots of work to do as well ;_;
Hopefully we can RP over your holidays! :D <3
AutumnDance123 Oct 27, 2013   General Artist
Would you like to rp sometime?
Sure why not~
But school is starting tomorrow and I'll be very busy again TnT
My replies may take some time 
AutumnDance123 Nov 3, 2013   General Artist
It's okay ^ ^ I'll note you~
I just looked through the Miators just now and saw her. I was taken aback by her adorableness! :iconrenaomochikaeriplz:

DO you think we could RP together? Through notes? Please? :iconpuppydogeyesplz:
awwwwwwwwww ;-;

Sure, why not? 
Yay!! I shall start.
If you want to! c: 
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